4 things you should do at the start of every working day

Business desktopThe first few minutes and hours of your working day have a significant impact on just how productive you’ll be over the entire course of the day.  Therefore it is vital that you begin each day with the right attitude. For example, showing up late for work can not only set the wrong tone with your boss but can also negatively affect your momentum throughout the day. Arriving for work early means that you won’t be scrambling to catch up with emails and other developments that have arisen during the morning. It also demonstrates your passion and commitment to your boss.

The following is a list of 4 things you should do before the start of every working day.

Give yourself a moment to make a to-do list

In order to help reduce stress and manage your workload more effectively, it’s important to give yourself some time to adjust, settle in and prepare for the day ahead. This really goes hand in hand with arriving for work a few minutes early in order to avoid a mad rush to get on top of things. Take a moment to plan your day and prioritise your tasks. Create a to-do list to help organise your schedule and determine what needs to be focused on first. Of course your boss will no doubt require a degree of flexibility from you in order to deal with urgent issues as they arise.

Organise your desk

Many people make the mistake of neglecting their workspace first in the morning and instead, diving directly into their email inbox. One sure fire way of helping to make you more productive is to clean up your desk and reduce clutter. Keeping your workspace neat and tidy will reduce confusion and stress because you won’t be drowning under a mountain of ever increasing paperwork.

Manage your Emotions

It’s all too easy to allow the stresses and emotions of our home lives to spill over into our working day. We all carry a certain degree of personal baggage with us into work and this has an effect on our moods during the day. Additionally, not everyone is a morning person and an early start can put some people on an emotional downer. The first step in controlling our emotions in the workplace is to simply be aware of them. Take note of how you are feeling first thing in the morning and try to determine how you can exude a more positive attitude. Perhaps an early morning jog or something as simple as an extra cup of coffee might be enough of an energy boost for you. An employee with a downbeat attitude can infect the rest of a team with negativity.

Take on the most important tasks first thing

When drawing up your to-do list, you should try to tackle the most pressing duties first thing in the morning because that is the time when your mind is most clear. Your concentration and creativity levels are at their highest during the early part of the morning. Use this time to take on the most important issues on your agenda. By prioritising in this way you will reduce stress because you know you won’t have anything truly significant to deal with later in the day.

Written by Arleen Quigg

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