Are companies expecting too much from today’s QA Engineer?

iStock_000012255149Medium[IT]Written by Sarah Gould

It’s fantastic news too see the rise in IT jobs in Ireland, through both the expansion of Irish software companies and the increased stream of new companies choosing Ireland as their location.

Over the last 12 months I have viewed a very healthy demand for QA Engineers, in particular on the automation side with Selenium, Fitness and Agile skills needed. The market is moving towards this and clients are looking for candidates who have hands on experience in automation, or at the least have been exposed to an automation environment with an understanding of the tools used. A large number of clients have recently started building automation frameworks from scratch, therefore needing “automation experts” to come on board to drive the success of the project.  These profiles are gold dust in Ireland and as a result, a large proportion of clients have started looking abroad for these skills.

Aside from automation, development & scripting skills are in high demand from QA Engineers. In the past, knowledge of development tools was sufficient however companies are now looking for candidates who have perhaps started their IT careers in a development role and moved gradually into a TEST/QA position. In today’s QA role you are required to work closely with the development team and have a detailed understanding of the applications. These are assessed throughout the screening process where QA engineers are asked in detail around their coding skills and questioned around various development tools.

Over the next few months this trend is continuing, and as a result QA engineers in Ireland will have to adapt to facilitate the high demand for these skills. In order to give yourself a competitive edge on the market you need to have a broad range of test, automation, development & communication skills.

There are various ways to achieve this such as; external development courses, moving to an automation project, internal training, extra reading etc. In doing this you will make your profile more appealing to companies and better position yourself in the market for the best opportunities and career progression.

If you are interested in discussing this view and the main reasons behind it, please feel free to get in touch with Sarah Gould specialist recruiter in the Software Test and Development areas.

Sarah is always keen to hear your views on the Software Test Engineering space and the future of this within Ireland.  Please call +353 1 6146050 or email

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