Bouncebackability: 3 Tips to help you recover from Job Search rejection

BouncebackabilityWritten by Dave Cullen

During the process of trying to find a job in today’s less than ideal employment landscape, you will be met by numerous challenges. These include, the considerable competition in the market, adapting to evolving social media recruitment practices, developing your personal online brand and learning to take rejection on the chin. Of all of these obstacles, the last one is perhaps the most important because it has the power to derail your progress by negatively affecting your mental state.

Maintaining motivation is the key to a successful job search, however, keeping up a positive demeanour is easier said than done. It’s all too easy to become jaded and slightly pessimistic about your prospects after being on the receiving end of a barrage of rejection emails for an extended period of time.

New age Internet vernacular has propagated the phenomenon of Portmanteau, which is the process of merging two or more words together to form a new one. In recent years, the English language has seen the introduction of new words like Blogosphere, Knowledgebase, Webinar and Emoticon. One such new word added to the urban dictionary and used to describe a fighting spirit is Bouncebackability – The ability to recover from failure and win.

The following three tips will help you to remain motivated during your job search and more effectively bounce back from rejection.

Keep your goals modest: It’s easy to begin your job search with unrealistic ambitions. Perhaps your ideal job is not quite within reach just yet but may be on the horizon if you can obtain some additional experience or further your education. It may be necessary for you to temper your expectations in the beginning and seek a stepping stone position that will eventually lead to your dream job. Draw up a modest plan each week to do something achievable like attending a networking event in your target industry, concentrating on improving your CV or researching relevant courses that might boost your prospects.

Exercise: Although it may be difficult to summon the motivation to hit the gym now and then, engaging in physical exercise is an important component to your mental well-being. The release of endorphins will help you to clear your mind, relieve stress, improve your mood and prepare you for the next stage of your job search.

Learn from the mistakes you made: Take ownership of the areas you know you fell down on with your application and ensure that you learn from them. For example, if your interview technique needs some work, try practicing and preparing your answers until this weakness becomes a strength. It is important to understand the difference between negatively dwelling on your failings and concentrating positively on improving as a candidate.

Being able to bounce back from rejection is dependent on your ability to frame negative experiences in a positive light and use them as motivation to further your personal development.

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