Cloud computing and its effect on Infrastructure jobs

cl0oudCloud computing is essentially the use of computing resources to deliver services to users over the internet. This concept has changed the way that hardware and software is used.

There are many benefits for companies that invest in cloud computing; lower operational costs, improved flexibility, streamline processes and the ability to monitor projects more effectively. The main advantage of cloud computing is the ability to scale hardware and software as required for organisations, undertaken by an external cloud provider which results in quicker implementation times and less cost.  As more companies are moving to the cloud, regional cloud centres are getting bigger and on premise infrastructure is getting smaller. As both are becoming more automated, they need less IT staff to maintain it.

This means we are seeing less demand for jobs as systems administrator, desk-side technicians, help-desk agents, database administrators and network engineers. Today’s IT worker needs to up skill on service provisioning, infrastructure design and architecture rather than day to day resource management so they will be able to provide value to regional facilities or large enterprise operations.

The IT market isn’t losing jobs, it is shifting jobs. With technology changing so rapidly we can expect a job shift every 5 years or less.  Infrastructure jobs have seen a demand for highly skilled security specialists because increased cloud vendors means more openings through company firewalls and potentially the need for manual procedures to manage user access to cloud based applications.

Other infrastructure jobs in demand include infrastructure specialists, design and implementation architects (Windows and Linux) and Data Integration jobs. As more jobs are moving from individual organisations into cloud service providers, it means that new skills are needed. As a result IT professionals may wish to improve their knowledge of cloud services and relationship management.

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