Cpl Attends innovative Life Science Summit

The Life Science SummitLast Friday Rachel Fine, Killian Maher and some of the rest of the Science and Engineering team attended the Life Science Summit in the Gibson Hotel; the summit was attended by a range of life science companies and service providers. The event drew together major players in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device areas, and also attracted major service providers to the industry including recruitment, accounting and legal services.

Attendees were given a unique insight into the current and future requirements of the industry. A number of speakers discussed the currently under consideration medical device regulations, which will have vast implications for the medical device industry. These regulations will require medical device companies to have a Qualified Person on site. As a result, companies will be required to have to employ a person with either a specific qualification or specific experience. We see this as a significant pressure on recruitment, as is the case with the requirement to source a qualified person in the Pharmaceutical industry.

The summit not only hosted a range of speakers but was also the platform for the launch of an innovative company that will provide stability storage services to research based companies in the country. The summit was very well organised by Business & Finance and no doubt will be an annual fixture, which Cpl are looking forward to attending and sponsoring in the future.

Cpl at the Life Science Summit

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