Dublin Chamber of Commerce: Technology Forum 2013

Technology_forum2013Written by Dave Cullen

This Week, Ida Renaud, Recruitment Manager of Cpl ICT, attended the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Technology Forum hosted by Adrian Weckler, Digital Technology Editor with the Sunday Business Post. 138 people were in attendance, the event was one of five, designed to bring together people with a shared interest in technology and provide attendees an opportunity to network and hear interesting speakers talk about relevant topics.

The discussions included CleanTech, Cloud Computing, Lean Start-ups and innovations in social media. Among the other topics were the current trends and developments in consumer technology such as the emergence of the post-PC era, the latest mobile computing processors and Android’s growing share of the smartphone market and continued erosion of Apple’s iPhone dominance.

From an Irish perspective, Weckler championed the work of Ireland’s home grown tech talent and indigenous entrepreneurs like Patrick Collison co-founder of Stripe, Paddy Cosgrave of the Dublin Web Summit and James Whelton, co-founder of Coder Dojo. Despite the general atmosphere of positivity, Ireland’s shortcomings with respect to meeting employment demand in the IT sector and the effects of current skills gap were hot on the agenda. All three of the aforementioned Irish entrepreneurs have had to take their businesses to the US because of the inability of the Irish labour market to meet their needs regarding technical expertise. They also left Ireland because of the difficulty associated with raising investment.

On a positive note, the Government’s national broadband roll-out plan for Rural Ireland was also discussed. They have committed to delivering a minimum of 30MBs in every home in Ireland by the end of 2014. 50% of the population will benefit from download speeds of 70MBs. The total cost for this project is estimated at €350 million, with investment being divided equally between the Government and the Private sector.

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