Employment on the rise: Anne Heraty talks February 2013 CSO figures

Cpl CEO Anne Heraty's blogI’m pleased to report that the early signs for economic growth in 2013 look extremely positive. The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) indicate that employment has increased in the year to the fourth quarter of 2012 by more than 1,200 people. This is a fantastic boost to the Irish Jobs market as it marks the first recorded rise in employment since mid-2008. Although this growth may represent only a marginal 0.1% increase in the annual employment figure, it is clear that the possibility for a turning point in the Irish Labour market may be upon us.

The majority of this increase can be largely attributed to the considerable contribution that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has provided. The Science and Technology sectors have experienced 6.2% growth in the year to Quarter 4 2012. Enterprise Ireland and the IDA have been instrumental and highly successful in raising Ireland’s profile as a major destination for Multinational technology giants. The current IT skills gap in Ireland suggests that there is enormous potential for further upward trends in this sector.

Cpl is also continually invested in playing its part with regard to addressing the primary areas of concern within the labour market. To this end, Cpl Learning & Development have teamed up with ITT Dublin to provide recent graduates with a FREE Higher Diploma course in “Science in Computing”. The technical skills and knowledge offered by this course are very much in demand at present. Cpl Learning & Development’s dedicated team of career consultants will work closely with ITT Dublin to source suitable applicants and during the duration of the Higher Diploma, they will also provide workplace preparation workshops. One of the major incentives of this program is the fact that graduates, who are currently receiving Jobseekers allowance, will be able to retain this benefit throughout the duration of the course.

For more information on this exciting initiative, be sure to visit the Cpl Learning & Development website by clicking here.

Finally, this week, social media websites have been abuzz with a heart-warming story about a young man named Jhaqueil Reagan in Indiana who walked 10 miles in ice and snow just to do a job interview. With no money for bus fair, he endured the elements in the hopes of potentially landing a job. During his long wintry trek, he encountered a restaurant owner who was so inspired by Jhaqueil’s determination that he eventually offered him a position. The story has gone viral across the web and has been shared more than 1,200 times. I really believe that Jhaqueil’s success is proof that conviction, dedication and persistence are essential ingredients to a successful job search.

I wish all jobseekers the very best of luck with finding employment in 2013.

Anne Heraty

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