Getting Back To Work Takes Training, Hard Work And A Bit Of Luck

Getting back to work

After 12 months unemployed, it can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. As the search for work becomes more desperate, many people feel that it gets harder and harder to find work the longer you are unemployed. Cpl’s Quarterly Employment Market Monitor found that 71% of employers would hire someone in employment over someone unemployed. However, there are programmes out there that can help people in long term unemployment get back to work.

Peter Cosgrove, Cpl Director discussed Cpl’s involvement in Momentum on The Pat Kenny Show yesterday. The Momentum Programme is a government initiative for the long term unemployed designed to provide classroom training culminating in a work placement. Peter highlighted the advantages of this project over other training, “the momentum programme differed from others because providers like ourselves had to try to help candidates gain employment. You didn’t just have to train them but you had to demonstrate that you would be able to find them employment at the end of the process.”

Peter also stressed that attitude makes a big difference, highlighting momentum’s successful candidates are “very positive, they don’t take no for answer and they want to learn.  Anyone out there looking for a job, you’ve got to do it yourself.” Peter was joined by two successful candidates from Momentum. Former carpenter Michael O’Driscoll, who acquired a process technician role through Momentum, said he was “hooked by the offer of an in-company placement” after spending over a year looking for work or other learning opportunities. “I recognised that I needed a big career change and Momentum definitely did it for me.”

Tiina Valli came to Ireland from Estonia with a PE teaching qualification but ended up working as a kitchen porter before becoming unemployed in 2008. After five years on the live register, Tiina will take up full employment with the HSE in February. She felt that the opportunity to follow the classroom training with a work placement made a big difference, “It was really important because you get the actual feel of it. I felt it really helped me.”

In summing up the challenge for those in long-term unemployment Peter pointed out that there are opportunities available but stressed, “it’s not going to happen easily. It’s not just hard work, you also have to be lucky. But the harder you work, the luckier you’re going to get.”

You can listen to the interview in full here.

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