How following industry trends can help your job search

The importance of staying in touch with News MediaWritten by Dave Cullen

A recent study into the media consumption habits of Irish people revealed that a third of us believe staying abreast of the news is important to our jobs. In today’s ever changing employment landscape, it’s all too easy to underestimate the importance of keeping up with the latest trends of the industry you operate in or the economy and jobs market at large.

When it comes to finding a job, being aware of current affairs may be very useful because although you can certainly prepare for many of the usual interview questions, you never know what an employer might ask you. If you are applying for a role as a web developer, then following the latest developments in consumer device technology or cloud computing would be most beneficial. Continuously expanding your knowledge of the sector you work in demonstrates your commitment and professionalism to a prospective employer. It is important you recognise that regularly following news media across a variety of platforms is about improving your candidacy for a role by making you more valuable as an employee.

We have previously spoken about the importance of your personal brand and maintaining an active social media presence. Producing blogs, becoming a regular participant in discussions generated by industry experts and engaging with the social networks of companies you would like to work for is an excellent means of showcasing your profile. However, failing to make the effort to do so may send a message to an employer that you lack interest.

As we have previously spoken about in a previous article entitled: “Using social media to find a job”, frequent contributors on a company’s social media pages can often get noticed and their opinion is highly valuable. This can lead to the development of a relationship with you and their marketing department; from there a direct line of communication with their hiring manager may emerge.

Becoming in tune with current events and industry news will also provide you with an insight into emerging trends and enable you to better understand the needs of employers and their customers. You will begin to learn when opportunities in the market will present themselves and you will be better placed to take advantage of them. Furthermore, between regularly contributing to media publications, Industry news websites and keeping your own sector-specific blog, you may eventually gather your own following. Becoming an industry analyst and expert in your field is a sure fire way of bolstering your candidacy and improving your prospects.

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