How to succeed in a challenging job market

Overjoyed Businessman Jumping - IsolatedWritten by Dave Cullen

Looking for a new job can feel like a full-time job in itself. Job seekers are faced with the challenge of not only competing against an army of amply qualified candidates, but also trying to stay positive amid a potential plethora of rejection emails from employers. Remaining upbeat and continuously dusting yourself off and trying again are central ingredients to finding a job. However, discovering the motivation to keep pushing can feel like a herculean feat at times, especially given the considerable amount of negative press and doom and gloom surrounding Ireland’s economy. Although no one is seriously suggesting that you should become oblivious to the realities of Ireland’s current financial woes, your aim should be to avoid focusing on them, because becoming caught up in the country’s bleak outlook will only lead you into potential despondency.

Keeping busy is a great way to help brush off failure while also improving your prospects of landing a job. Thankfully, during your job search there are plenty of creative ways for you to remain occupied. Develop your social media presence and on-line brand, produce blogs about your chosen career industry and concentrate on networking. Be sure to attend relevant industry events, conferences, seminars and workshops. Your off-line and on-line networks require equal attention. Building relationships with influential people is an excellent means of discovering new opportunities.

It may be necessary for you to consider upskilling and re-educating yourself in order to strengthen your candidacy for the types of roles you are applying for. Employers are drawn to candidates who focus on their own individual excellence and self-improvement.

If you find that you may be unable to land your ideal role right now, you might consider accepting an interim position in order to obtain the necessary experience to eventually achieve your career ambitions. Think of this strategy as a stepping stone to your dream job. If you are just beginning your career or perhaps starting afresh, then an Internship is wonderful means by which you can gain a valuable insight into your chosen field.

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