Minister Burton launches new Jobsplus initiative

iStock_000008874687XSmallMinister Burton launched the new Government initiative Jobsplus in the Institute of Chartered Accountants building in Pearse Street this morning, Monday July 1st.

The aim of the scheme is to incentivise employers to hire those who are long term unemployed (defined as those unemployed for over 12 months). It is clear that the long term unemployed is one of Ireland’s largest challenges as all the studies show that the longer someone remains out of work, the less chance there is that they will get back to work.

“Getting people back to work is the most important thing we have to do as well as providing credit back to business” said Minister Burton. She highlighted that this new scheme was drawn up based on many conversations with employers to make it beneficial to them as well as ensuring we focus on the long term unemployed. She also highlighted that there are many skilled workers on the live register including 11% in sales, 15% in management and 13% in manufacturing. She also highlighted that 50% of the live register are under 35 and 75%  are under 45 years old.

“New jobs at less cost” was the Minister’s slogan and the website for more information is

Minister Burton highlighted that 60% of participants in Jobbridge went on to find full time employment and she believes that Jobsplus can build on this initiative. She also thanked a number of business professionals who have supported her such as Louise Phelan from Paypal and Sean O’Driscoll  from Glen Dimplex.

The summary details of the scheme are as follows:

The initiative is available to employers who:

  • Offer full time employment of 30 plus hours over 4 days per week
  • Need to fill new vacancies or replacing natural turnover
  • Are fully tax compliant and do not use the scheme to displace existing employees.

There is no limit to the number of new recruits per employer.

There are two levels of incentive to employers:

  • €7,500 for recruits employed who have been unemployed between 12 and 24 months
  • €10,000 for recruits employed who have been unemployed over 24 months

The payments will be monthly in arrears, so it’s a cash payment, not a tax credit which is a benefit for employers, paid by EFT by the Department of Social Protection.

Employer – 5 easy steps

  1. Log on to
  2. Advertise job as normal, speak with your local Intraeo centre/ Employment centre. Include your vacancy on
  3. Shortlist your candidates and ask your employees to verify their eligibility – employees will receive a JP1 form
  4. Found your new employee – let Jobsplus know.
  5. Agree start date and then the Dept of Social Welfare will do the rest

For jobseekers the important point is to log on to the Jobsplus website and fill in the form, which will ensure there is pre-verification. One of the challenges of previous schemes was that employees felt they were employing someone eligible for a scheme but subsequently felt they were not. So the pre-verification process will make this a much more streamlined process.

The room this morning was filled with employers looking to take up the scheme, employer bodies like the National Recruitment Federation, IBEC and the CIPD as well as many other industry professionals.

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2 Responses to Minister Burton launches new Jobsplus initiative

  1. Sophie says:

    Could you tell me where you got the above statistics (% of unemployed by skills/age etc)? If you had a link that would be great. I was at the launch this morning and they had the same statistics among others and found them very interesting.

  2. The link to in the middle of the article is a broken link.

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