Cpl Science & Engineering & Alchemist Café celebrate 49 years of BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

Written by Dave Cullen

This year’s BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition will take place at the RDS, Dublin from the 9th to the 12th of January. The prestigious science competition first began in 1965 and to celebrate its 49th year in existence, Cpl Science & Engineering & the Alchemist Café will host a special evening at the Trinity College Science Gallery on Tuesday the 8th of January. The event will feature one of the founders of the Exhibition, Dr Tony Scott along with a selection of past winners. Tony will talk about the history of the Exhibition, some of its past highlights and the importance of nurturing science education among Ireland’s young people.

Alchemist Cafe & BT Young Scientist

Other speakers on the night include Emer Jones and Luke Drury. Emer is currently studying Physics and Maths in Cambridge University; she is a former winner of the Young Scientist competition from 2008 at the age of just 13. Luke Drury claimed the same coveted prize in 1969.  He studied experimental physics and Mathematics at Trinity College and undertook his PhD in Astrophysics at Cambridge University. Over the past 26 year he has worked at the Max-Planck-Institut in Germany as well as Dublin’s School of Cosmic Physics and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. He was elected as President of the Royal Irish Academy in 2011. As with all Alchemist Café events, admission is free, completely open to the public and promises to provide some intellectually stimulating discussions.

Judith Moffett of Cpl Science & Engineering is also a committee member of the Alchemist Cafe and she spoke about the enormous opportunities that the exhibition has created for Ireland’s young aspiring scientists. “Events such as the long-running, Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition are critical to encouraging and fostering a love of science and technology in children from an early age and paramount to securing Ireland’s future pipeline of candidates for science and IT roles in industry and academia.  The purpose of our talk is to speak to Dr. Tony Scott and see why he and Co-founder, Fr. Tom Burke had the foresight to create such an event and to also speak with previous winners to show the impact that winning the Young Scientist competition has had on their careers.  This talk is targeted at a public audience, where both adults and children are welcome to come along to hear about the influence science and technology has had on the lives and careers of the speakers involved”.

For those of you who are looking to learn more about the Alchemist Cafe, Judith will be speaking about it and the Science Gallery on Dublin City FM tomorrow morning at 10.45am.

Alchemist Café
Date: Tuesday 8th January 2013
Location: Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin
Time: 6:30pm (sharp, note early start)
Admission: Free – All Welcome!
More information: www.alchemistcafedublin.com

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