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Peter Cosgrove talks tricky interview questions on Newstalk breakfast

Written by Dave Cullen Today’s highly competitive job market has created a paradigm shift in how candidates prepare for job interviews. Never before has such a considerable wealth of career and interviewing advice / support materials been in such easy reach to job seekers. Acing interviews is far from easy but it certainly has been broken down to an almost cliched formula. Candidates are more ready than ever for what an interviewer throws at them. As a result, interviewers have had to redouble their efforts and adapt new strategies to screen candidates. The old reliable questions like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, may still be with us but a few new conventions are beginning to emerge. Abstract conundrums are … Continue reading

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To send or not to send: Peter Cosgrove talks Email Etiquette on Tom Dunne Show

Written by Dave Cullen On the back of a recent article in the Daily Mail around office etiquette, Peter Cosgrove, Director at Cpl spoke with Fionn Davenport on the Tom Dunne show around this topic. Fionn Davenport asks the question, is an ‘X’ (denoting a kiss) at the end of a work email ever acceptable? Peter states that in most a cases he would say ‘no’, because you can never know for sure how someone is going to take it. Peter highlights that with the blurring of the personal and the business environments it can be a challenge to keep persona’s separate from professional behaviour. “So much more of our life can be somewhat online, whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter or even in … Continue reading

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Top 5 Common CV Mistakes

Written by Dave Cullen According to a study conducted by Marketing Professionals UK, half of all CVs contain typos and other simple mistakes. A similar survey by Eurobase People found that 6 out of 10 CVs from IT professionals included basic errors. Recruiters have zero tolerance for these easily avoidable blunders. Sloppy mistakes like poor grammar and punctuation immediately disqualify applicants from reaching the interview stage. These fatal flaws will immediately exclude you from further consideration by the hiring manager. Thankfully candidates can quickly improve their chances by carefully avoiding these 5 common CV mistakes. Poor spelling and grammar: Ensure that you proof read both your CV and cover letter before you send them. For recruiters and hiring managers, spelling … Continue reading

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German Opportunities in Ireland

My name is Johanna Schubert from Hamburg and I’m working as a German recruiter in Dublin. During my studies I had to do an internship abroad and when I got an offer from Dublin my first reaction was “Dublin-no way!” I have heard a few bad things about Dublin – lots of rain, its one of the most expensive cities in Europe, the economy is struggling and it rains, a lot! Despite all of these issues, I started my internship with an irish insurance company in 2010.When I arrived in Dublin, it was love at first sight. I found a great room on my first day here, prices were very reasonable, I felt safe and welcome and I’m now here … Continue reading

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German Jobs in Ireland

My name is Ivonne Rauhut and I’m a German Recruiter working and living in Ireland. Initially I wanted to gain work experience abroad and I also wanted to improve my English. I decided to look for German jobs in the UK and in Ireland. But where do you look for German jobs abroad and who can help you with all your questions and concerns you have? After searching on the internet for a while, I came across CPL Recruitment www.cpl.ie which is Ireland’s biggest recruitment agency. Honestly at the start I was very sceptical to contact a Recruitment Agency in Ireland about German Jobs because I thought I have to pay for the service they provide but I found out … Continue reading

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Why German’s move to Ireland for Jobs

The economy is growing again in Germany, there are more opportunities to start a career in Germany or get into a position. So why do many Germans still move to Ireland? Quite simply, in Ireland – the Green Island – it looks the same.  The media talk about recession, but the truth is, Ireland has a vast number of Jobs for German candidates. As a German recruiter at CPL Recruitment www.cpljobs.com in Dublin, I can see this first hand. We currently have more than 250 vacancies for German speakers. We have German jobs for Graduates with no experience, IT specialists, Online Marketing Specialists, Sales Consultants, and Software Engineers.  We offer free consultation service to our German candidates about living and … Continue reading

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