Tempted to Temp?

Vanessa McKayWritten by Vanessa McKay

Are you considering temporary employment? If so you need to be made aware of the Good and Bad aspects. The following is a summary of the positives and negatives associated with this kind of work.

The Good

Struggling to find a job? Being open to temporary opportunities increases your chance of getting a job, period.

Purpose: Having a reason to get up in the morning gives you a sense of purpose and helps build confidence particularly if you have been out of the work environment for a period of time so take that 9am call from the recruiter who has 3 days administration work to start today.

New possibilities: A temporary job is a fantastic way to experience new environments and “try out “different companies and industries helping you decide if it is right move with no real commitment.

“Temp to Perm”: This is common practice in this market and most employers like the idea of a trial period and it gives you the opportunity to show case your skill set & shine.

Weekly pay and rates can be negotiable: You can work up to 21 hours per week and claim for 14 hours unemployment benefit so get out there.

Expand your Network: Temporary jobs are a great way to meet new people and make fantastic contacts that will allow you to grow your job search network.

It is a fantastic way to keep up your skill set and add to your CV. Long gaps on CV’s are not appealing to potential employers.

The Bad

Roles can very short lived: Some roles come with limited responsibility so not every role will allow you to utilise your entire skill set.

Considerable paperwork: It will require personal administration work which can be tedious  for anyone on jobseekers allowance to keep your local office informed of the hours temped each week and record them each week on the appropriate documents

Limited Security: Companies hire temporary staff because they are just that, temporary. Your assignment can be terminated with immediate effect

Previous experience in other areas doesn’t count: The role will always merit the rate of pay. It is not about what you have done previously the question is only ever Do you have the skill set to do this job? Because this can sometimes be the only skills that will be  required.

Make a great first impression: You need to be seen as flexible and approachable for a recruiter to even consider calling you for a temp job – First impressions count so make sure you impress at your screening interview.

Remain Focused: If you turn up late, take a longer lunch break, surf the net constantly your recruiter will be given this feedback so don’t be surprised if your phone goes quiet..

Temping may not be in some cases the most appealing of opportunities but it is a foot into the doorway of opportunities. The reality is that a high percentage of temporary roles are leading to contract and permanent opportunities, this includes those role that are just for the week so get up and get back out there.


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