The Emerging Trends of Marketing Recruitment

iStock_000015157968_ExtraSmallMarketing, and online marketing in particular, has seen a massive surge in popularity over the past five years where there is strong demand for candidates that possess an online marketing toolkit. The reasons for this surge in popularity is clearly the presence of American MNC’s that have a strong need for qualified people as well as indigenous companies such as Paddy Power, which would be very much a ‘best in class’ example of how to develop and grow an online marketing team.

The world of marketing is changing to the point where it is no longer seen as a cost centre for business but is now considered as a revenue generating role. More and more business is being conducted through the online channel, where it is the first port of call for potential customers, regardless of whether they actually make a  purchase or not. Never before have marketing roles been so scientific or data driven where some of the skill sets required are statistics, maths and analytics. The rise of marketing automation software companies  such as Marketo and Hubspot have been very impressive with many commentators believing that they will be as essential to everyday business as a good CRM system.

It may be slightly clichéd to say that online is very popular at the moment, but there really is no indication that this will subside anytime soon. In addition, the talent pool in Ireland is very small given the calibre of companies that are headquartering over here at the moment. Organisations are being very specific in the skill set that they require and they are prepared to wait to get it or in some circumstances, also prepared to import the talent if necessary. To this end, the role of the recruiter has now become a truly international, as we seek to source suitable candidates further afield.

So while clients are currently looking for skills in RTB (Real Time Bidding) or managing complex online marketing campaigns, as it stands today, we have not yet witnessed the explosion in demand for mobile marketing that was previously anticipated. Nor have we observed the expected demand for NFC (Near Field Communication), which we predict can only be around the corner. Marketing recruitment is an exhilarating and diverse space to be in at the moment and this shows no sign of abating.

Written by Ray McDonnell

Ray McDonnell is a Senior Recruitment Consultant with over 2 years’ experience in marketing recruitment and over 10 years direct industry experience. Ray specialises predominantly in online marketing roles but also general marketing. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Trinity College and a Master’s Degree in International Management from Northeastern University (Boston) and DCU (Dublin). He has recently completed a higher diploma in online marketing. Phone: 086 8955657/01 614 6104 or contact him on LinkedIn.

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