Cpl’s Q1 2018 Employment Monitor revealed that the 75% of employers plan to give pay rises to staff in 2018. Employers also cited better career opportunities (41%) and better salaries and promotions (33.3%) as the most common reasons why they lost employees. 

You can read the full report below, which includes employment market analysis from Ronan Lyons, Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and other findings, including: 

  •        Employers find that the top business costs are salaries and related employment benefits
  •        68% of employers believe the Boom is back, especially in Dublin.
  •        Over 80% see the employment market favouring employees.
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The information presented in the Cpl Employment Market Monitor is based on two main sources:

  • Cpl's Job Index - the number of new roles by category registered with Cpl month-on-month
  • Cpl's Sentiment Survey - feedback from jobseekers registered with Cpl, and employers nationwide
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