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Cpl career advice - getting rid of the confusion

We know you have what it takes - the skills and knowledge, the attitude and experience. We're here to offer a helping hand to guide you in the right direction.

In this section, you'll find articles, videos and helpful advice on all stages of finding a new job, from writing a CV to preparing for a job interview, to making the next step in your career.

Should you move from a Recruitment Consultancy to In-House Talent Acquisition role?

22nd April 2016

As a recruiter who specialises solely in the niche market of Talent Acquisition, I work with recruiters who are transitioning from consultancy to in-house recruitment positions. As businesses move to the In-House model, many consultancy recruiters are viewing this as an opportunity for change. 

How to ask for more flexibility in work

20th April 2016

The world is changing at an incredibly rapid pace – and so is the way we work and our definition of the workplace. Gone are the days when a job was simply something you did from nine to five. We're always connected and work is never far from our minds. We check our work emails over our morning coffee, think of project ideas on the go and attend networking events in the evenings. 

Understanding Ireland’s new statutory paternity leave

14th April 2016

Until now, Ireland has been well behind other European countries when it comes to statutory paternity leave – we haven’t had any. 

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