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Are You a Consultative Manager?

26th January 2017

As you may have guessed, a consultative manager is one who listens to input from their team before making any final decisions. It is the happy medium between autocratic and laissez-faire, and is generally more accepted by team members. But like all things in business, consultative management has its pros and its cons. 


What is Laissez-faire Leadership?

19th January 2017

As part of our ongoing blog series, we’re going to focus on a different style of management each week. Last week, we looked at the autocratic style, where managers exercise complete control over their team. This week, we’re going to be looking at the opposite style: laissez-faire.

What is an Autocratic Manager?

10th January 2017

As the name suggests, an autocratic manager is someone who makes decisions unilaterally, without consulting the people they manage. It may sound unreasonable or controlling, but the truth is, like all styles of management, autocracy can be effective when used correctly.


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