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Building Your Career

Whatever your career goals are, we have some advice that can help. This section covers everything from changing careers to getting that big promotion.

​The 3 skills you need to get your dream accounting job

20th April 2017

Remaining in practice is not the end goal for many newly qualified ‘Big 4/top 10’ trained accountants. Skilled accountants are increasingly looking for sought after roles at innovative Irish Plcs, SMEs and multinationals such as Facebook, Workday and LinkedIn. 

7 steps to running a successful long-term project

19th April 2017

Simple advice to help you run a successful long-term work project.

How to do Five Days Work in Four

18th April 2017

While less time working sounds great, it comes with challenges – after all no matter how many days you do or don’t work, everything still needs to get done.

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