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Would you stay over 10 years in your job?

09th August 2017

Two thirds of jobseekers would stay over 10 years in the right job, but what is it that makes a job “right”?  It’s increasingly reported that people no longer stay in the same job for extended periods of time, so I asked 5 long time Cpl Directors and Managers what’s made them stay within the company for over 10 years.

Ida Renaud, Head of Executive Search, 20 years at Cpl

Ida joined Cpl in November 1997 as an IT recruiter. After just 6 months she was moved to the language team to hire French speakers for a client in Galway, before moving back to IT. Ida’s reason for staying with Cpl for 20 years? The flexibility, ability to grow and build lasting relationships.

“I worked across different desks in IT, which gave me a broad understanding of the market and having taken 3 breaks to have my kids, I tried a new desk upon my return on each occasion which was a challenge but I had a strong client base to work from which really helped me.  

I moved from Consultant to Senior, Principal, Manager and then Director. A lot of my candidates became my clients and my clients became my candidates and I’ve placed the same people several times in their careers. It’s all about the relationships!

Cpl has the brand, the clients, if you want to succeed, work hard and you will see the benefits and why move anywhere else?"

Lindsay O’Leary, Principal Consultant Cpl Technology, 18 years at Cpl

Lindsay started work with Cpl in Feb 1999. At the time, Lindsay worked for Richmond Recruitment and in 2006 Cpl acquired Richmond so she moved to the Cpl Technology team - where she still works today. For Lindsay, the fast-paced environment of recruitment and support during big life events is the reason behind her dedication to Cpl.

“Working within the Technology Sector with constant technological change means the pace is up tempo - which I thrive in. Most of my IT candidates are on the move, so I’ve adapted to their working hours and time zones. This is crucial. I need to be able to take late calls if required.

18 years on in my career and I have a young family so I work 1.5 days from home. Cpl have also been supportive to me for other big life events - just 3 years ago I had to undertake major brain surgery, thankfully very successful.

Even though I work 5 days a week, the Great Place to Work environment teases you with more, last year I loved the 6 weeks choir we took part in, along with multiple charity events we do every year, especially ones close to my heart after my surgery.”

Richard Minchin, Director of Office Support, 13 years at Cpl

Before joining Cpl in 2004, Richard had worked for a large recruitment firm and sworn he’d never work in recruitment again. Then he came into Cpl looking for a sales job, loved the environment and has been a member of the team ever since.

“I loved it from the very beginning. What really stood out to me about Cpl is that you can be yourself while growing within the company. This is my 13th year in the company, I started off as a Junior Recruiter and worked my way up to Director of the Cpl Office Support Division. Anne and Paul have driven a real family culture in the business, I have made some lifelong friends and no day in here is ever the same.”

Lisa Holt, MD of Cpl Finance and Legal, 21 years at Cpl

Lisa started in Cpl in 1996, as an IT recruitment consultant and became a manager just two years later in 1998. For Lisa, the sense of responsibility and constant sense of change keeps her motivated and content after 21 years.

“In 2002, I became Managing Director of our Finance Recruitment business and now I oversee several teams here in Cpl, I thoroughly enjoy the challenges each day brings. There are so many satisfying things about Cpl - helping people find jobs, changing their lives and seeing people succeed together. I also get great satisfaction from watching my team grow and develop in their careers. Doing a job I love makes me very passionate, committed and determined to succeed.”

Libby Kelly, Associate Director of Cpl Technology, 18 years at Cpl

Like many, Libby fell into Recruitment. Libby began her career in contract mainframe recruitment and has worked exclusively within the Technology and Project Management space since then. To ensure happiness in a job Libby advises working somewhere where there is a good company culture and respect for all workers.

“There are many opportunities available to recruiters – they are working daily with large multinational companies offering the latest and greatest bells and whistles so we need to make sure we are working to keep our staff happy and engaged.
You can have all the best perks and benefits but it must be about how the staff are treated, their environment and empowering them to achieve more. Cpl has been my employer for close to 20 years, which is not very common these days but as a working mum they have offered support and flexibility which for me is paramount, I can grow my career, but not sacrifice what is most important to me.”

If you’re looking for a job that you could happily stay in for over 10 years, look for a role that you’re passionate about and that offers you the ability to upskill and grow. Ultimately if you like your job and like the people you work with there should be no reason to move.

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