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18 years of tech recruitment: Mary-Sarah's story

09th November 2017

I am a principal Technology recruitment consultant with over 18 years’ solid recruitment experience. As the recruitment industry has continuously evolved and changed over the past 18 years, so have I. I understand the market and most importantly I understand people.

I joined Cpl in 1998 as a fresh eyed 24-year-old and over the years I have been part of so many market cycles, skills realignments and ever-changing requirements! Now I’m a Principal Consultant on the Technology team specialising in placing:
  • Senior Technology IT Managers
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Information Security Managers
  • Senior Network Engineers
  • Senior Dev Ops Specialists
Whilst Cpl has successfully grown it’s great to see the ever friendly and welcoming atmosphere is still the same from the CEO down. Cpl is truly a people focused company, everyone remembers a name and remembers the tiniest details which are sometimes the most important! It's great to see so many familiar faces who have stayed with the company since I began in '98 - Anne, Lisa, Paul, Rob, Garret.

The technology industry

Cpl was a great company to start my career and I have built strong and loyal relationships over the years with candidates and clients. Recruitment is a people industry and it is so important to always listen to what the candidate and the client want not what you perceive they may want.

I understand the market and most importantly I understand people. Over the years, the tech sector has changed and candidates have had to upskill and realign their skills. Often job requirements are now narrower, but I enjoy helping people update their CV and providing advice to get the right role.

From my experience, I also understand client requirements and how important is to get someone with the right skills, from a technical and personality perspective.

I have an in-depth understanding of the current market requirements from a candidate and client perspective and help both my candidates and clients adapt and realign to the ever-changing technology goal posts.

Cpl now

What attracted me back to Cpl was the breadth of the organisation and the size of the company. There are so many sectors and we have relationships with a vast number of brilliant clients.

I’ve worked in the industry for almost 20 years now and I understand finding a new job is never easy. It’s a life changing decision and I love guiding people towards the right role and team, making the job change process easier.

Since my first job at Cpl, things have changed but the most important things have stayed the same. Cpl now has over 40 offices worldwide. The technology sector has grown and developed. But I know my candidates, clients and the industry better than ever.

If you’re interested in a new job in the technology infrastructure or security sector, I’d be delighted to help.

Get in touch.
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About the Author

Mary Sarah Kelly

Principal Consultant

Cpl Technology

I am Principal Technology Recruitment Specialist with over 18 year’s technology market recruitment experience. I understand both client and candidate requirements and how to match both seamlessly.

I recruit Senior Technology IT Managers, Infrastructure Managers, Data Centre Managers, Senior Security Specialists, Senior Network Engineers and Senior Dev Ops Specialist.

If you are interested in job move or looking to hire someone please feel free to contact me at or call on 086 846 9008

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