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5 things you should never do on your first week of work

05th September 2017

You've been offered, and accepted, a job. You've shared the news with your friends and family, and now it's time to actually start in your new workplace. The first week in a new job can be overwhelming, from getting used to a new company culture to simply worrying about whether you can do your job well or not. For most, there is no need to worry - you've been hired so you probably have the skills and personality for the job, but if you're stressing here are 5 things to avoid in order to have a seamless first week at work.

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Niamh Keenan

Content Marketing Executive

Group Marketing

I am a Communication Studies graduate with years of experience in client relations, digital content and print media. Although my experience is varied my goal is always the same. To provide information in an engaging and informative way – whether that be through blog posts, email campaigns to job seekers or social media posts

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