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Quiz: How replaceable are you?

13th February 2018

It's been predicted that about 30% of tasks and 60% of jobs could be computerised, while Oxford University researchers estimate that almost half of US jobs will be automated within the next two decades. Of course, not all jobs will be taken over by robots and artificial intelligence, the key questions really is how will automation affect you and your job?

Take our quiz to find out how replacable, or irreplaceable, you are. Interested in learning more about the future of work?

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Katie Ryan

Digital Marketing Executive

Cpl Resources plc

My background is in history and international relations so research is my thing. I'm Head of Research for Cpl's Future of Work Institute. I'm going to keep you up to date on the latest work trends and buzzwords as well as offering my advice for advancing your career. Comment on my posts if you have any feedback!

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