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How I became a... Customer Advisor

05th June 2018

Claire Barrett, a Customer Advisor at Bank of Ireland shares her career story to date, how she got her current job and her tips for anyone looking for a similar job in the Banking & Finance sector.

What’s your job title, and what company do you work for?

I’m a customer advisor at Bank of Ireland

Can you tell me about your background? When did you first become interested in the industry you work in?

I have worked as a customer advisor for a couple of well-known companies over the years, and I love it. It’s great knowing so much about a certain area and then being able to share that knowledge with people who use the product/service. I was interested in Banking as I have knowledge of social media and online services, and banking is an important part of our daily lives.

If you went to university - what did you study? Would you recommend this course for someone who wants to get involved your type of career, and why?

I studied Sociology and Spanish as part of my Arts Degree. The computer skills and knowledge I gained have definitely helped me get to where I am now.

Tell me about some of your most influential jobs, prior to your current role.

My last role was a customer advisor through email and social media. This was great as it was really interesting, but also because more and more people are using social media to connect people or raise queries with companies rather than picking up the phone.

What skills are needed to excel in your career?

Organisational, time keeping & communication skills.

What’s next for you? Promotion, new project?

Hopefully I will grow within the business, or train in other departments.

Whose work (individual or company) from within your industry do you admire and why?

Team leaders - they are very good with the teams and they don’t make you feel undervalued.

Looking back on your career so far, what tips would you give to someone thinking of doing something similar?

Go for it. Don’t underestimate yourself, take everything in your stride and always ask questions.

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