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Interview Skills

Many people find interviews the most nerve-wracking parts of job seeking process. However, you can raise your confidence and improve your performance at interview if you are fully aware of what to expect and if you hone your interview skills.

6 surprising things that are ruining your interview

01st June 2017

Arriving on time and delivering a killer handshake are such obvious interview tips that they are almost redundant. But have you ever thought about how the less self-explanatory things can help you nail your interview?  

20% of employers won't hire you without a follow up email

30th May 2017

According to CareerBuilder, one in five hiring managers say they are less likely to hire someone who didn’t send a thank you follow up email after their interview. In other words, a follow up email is just as important as pre-interview preparation or turning up on time. 

If You’re Not Enthusiastic, Why Are You Applying?

06th December 2016

From your skills, to your education, to your work history, there are a lot of things you want to highlight in an interview. But as you try to cram as much as possible into a one-hour interview, there’s a good chance you’re probably missing the most important element.

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