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How to Make Jobs Come to You

29th September 2016

Yesterday we looked at the biggest timewasting mistakes that people make during their job hunt. From applying to positions that have long been filled to sending out generic copy-and-pasted cover letters, there’s no shortage of ways to carry out a fruitless job search. But even if you’re not wasting your time with any of these methods, job searches can still be hard work, and very time consuming. Luckily, there are ways you can cut down the amount of work involved in looking for a job and make them come to you. 

A typical job search these days tends to comprise of visiting a few of your preferred websites, filling out their forms, and seeing what’s out there. While this seems perfectly logical on the surface, here are a few tricks you can use that will save time and bring jobs to your doorstep. 

Optimise Your Social Media

We’ve spoken before about the importance of making sure your social media isn’t stopping your job search dead in its tracks. While it’s always a good idea to make sure any inappropriate or professionally-dubious photographs are switched to private, that won’t help you cut down the amount of time you spend looking for work. But optimising your social media can, by bringing the work straight to you.

Recruitment is a competitive business, so recruiters have to get creative about the ways they find the best talent. One way they do this is by searching social media accounts for keywords, particularly on LinkedIn & Twitter (as they tend to be more public than Facebook). By including your job title in your Twitter, and a link to a website, portfolio, or any work-related content, you can greatly increase your chances of being found by a recruiter.

With LinkedIn, you need to remember that your title inside your organisation doesn’t necessarily reflect how your job would be known externally. For example, if you work in a web design company, you could have your title down as “Architect”. While this makes perfect sense when you look at it in context, you could be unknowingly showing up in all the wrong searches. Even worse is when you have a typo in your title (“manger” being one of the most common). This not only stops you from showing up in relevant search results, but it’s also really embarrassing.

Bookmark Your Job Searches

Odds are, you know what job you’re looking for, or at least have a general idea of the kind of role you’d like to find. If that’s the case, then there’s really no reason to fill out every search form, on every site, every day. Most job sites now use what are known as dynamic pages, meaning that the content changes all the time, even though the link remains the same. Cpl is the perfect example of this.: if you send your friend a link to our HR Jobs page, and they open it the next day, it will have changed. By bookmarking your most frequent search terms, you save yourself a lot of hassle filling in fields that aren’t going to change anyway. So instead of spending hours looking for jobs, you’ll be taking a moment to look at jobs that are there waiting for you.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be used to bring you instant updates on just about everything, from movie news to Donald Trump’s latest gaffes, so setting one up to help with your job search can help you get ahead of the pack. Setting up a Google Alert is easy, and can be really useful if you are interested in working for a particular company. Simply enter your keywords, putting any must-have terms, such as the company name, in double quotation marks. Then select your region, how often you’d like to be emailed, and you’re good to go! You’ll receive an email any time there is a new posting about your chosen topic, enabling you to jump at the opportunity before anyone else.

Set Up Job Alerts

Want more specific alerts? Set yourself up with Cpl Job Alerts and you can choose your salary expectations, job title, industry, location, and frequency of emails, all tailored just for you. 

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