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​The 3 skills you need to get your dream accounting job

20th April 2017

Remaining in practice is not the end goal for many newly qualified ‘Big 4/Top 10’ trained accountants. Skilled accountants are increasingly looking for sought after roles at innovative Irish Plcs, SMEs and multinationals such as Facebook, Workday and LinkedIn. Securing these desirable roles isn’t easy, but if you work on the following 3 skills you will help yourself stand out as a stellar candidate.

Excellent technical knowledge

Proven technical skills are paramount for any large multinational or Plc looking to hire an accountant. First time passes are desired and if you finish in the top 10% of your class you will be highly sought after.

System experience and experience working at other firms are also valued – especially if you have worked within another industry or with one of the ‘Big 4’. If you’re not confident in your skills be realistic and search for a role where you can improve, before you set about pursuing the “dream job.”

Match the company values

If you want to work in a company like Workday or Facebook, you’ll need more than just a good technical CV.

I have seen an increased emphasis being placed on job seekers who match company values. The accounting industry is becoming more diverse and this is reflected in what hiring managers are looking for. Preferred qualities in accountants include: innovation, positivity, creativity and an eagerness to learn and work as part of a team.

Communication & personality

In the accounting sector communication skills are often ignored by job seekers. While communication skills are vital in any sector it’s an invaluable addition to an accounting team to be able to explain key accounting principles in basic terms to anyone within the company. This can be accounting colleagues or anyone else in the company who has no knowledge of debits, credits and balance sheets.

Good technical skills, a good personality and core values that match your desired company will help you land your dream accounting role.

At Cpl we’re used to working within the finance industry matching great job seekers with great jobs.

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About the Author

Natasha Bevan

Principal Team Lead

Banking, Finance and Accounting

Natasha Bevan is a Principal Team Lead responsible for the Temporary and Contract Division of Careers Register specialising in Finance and Accounting positions. Natasha graduated with a degree in Economics and Spanish from University College Dublin. Natasha began her career in recruitment in 2004 and has spent 10 years recruiting roles for blue-chip multinationals in Dublin and joined Careers Register in May 2011. She recruits mainly for large Multinationals, SME’s and Financial Services clients.

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