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Tech jobs: 5 most in demand IT Infrastructure roles 2018

10th May 2018

More and more we are relying on technology, and as a direct result there has never been a more exciting time to be seeking an job opportunity in Tech - especially in our capital city.

Dublin is home to the European Headquarters of some of the worlds largest Technology firms with a broad range of innovative roles availble. For 2018, these are the most in-demand jobs within the IT Infrastructure space:

1. Security

In a recent global survey, Ireland has ranked second in the world (behind Israel) for the biggest demand in Cyber Security roles with only 39% of demand being met. As it stands, Cloud Security candidates are the most sought after and employers have to go abroad for many of their hires.

Application Security falls next in line with the increasing trend on app-based products arriving onto the market. Interior lights, home heating and even the family car can now be fully controlled using smart phone apps.

2. Linux Engineer 

More and more corporate companies are adapting the Linux operating system. The Linux operating system is a major player in the hosting and maintenance of the majority of web applications, architected to be highly available and scaled out to manage the flow of traffic.

A Linux Engineer is responsible for monitoring these systems, ensuring that they are running at optimal performance and not experiencing resource consumption – thus identifying when they need to scale out. These candidates are in great demand in the Dublin market and many of our clients.

3. Application Support Engineer

With the aforementioned rise in App-based products, the demand for Support engineers has rapidly increased. These candidates tend to gravitate towards the larger technology companies where they can be exposed to new technologies. Alternatively, we are seeing a rise in outsourced companies providing this service and teams growing rapidly. Often these candidates will grow and develop their careers into Development and Design.

4. DevOps

DevOps was created to essentially bridge the gap between Development and Operations teams. In the past conflict may have arisen as the Development team strives for agility, the Operations team values stability. DevOps is considered a software development strategy, rather than a tool. 

A recent study carried out surveyed 27,000 IT professionals and found the increase in DevOps candidates went from 16% to 27% in the last 3 years. Not surprisingly, the initial trend began in the US but we are now seeing a strong demand for these candidates this side of the water. It has also been identified as the most invested in area of Technology over the last 12 months.

5. Technical Support 

Technical Support Candidates are always in high demand across all areas. This can range from internal Deskside Support to high volume call centers. It is a common route for Tech graduates to take to break into the industry.

However, we are seeing a rise in clients looking for experienced Technical Support staff to provide Level 2/Level 3 support and to manage large Tech Support teams. Candidates with a European language are in high demand with a particular emphasis on Dutch, German and Scandinavian languages.
Salaries across all these areas are constantly changing. For the latest salary rates, see our 2018 Technology Salary Guide.

If your experience falls under one of the above areas, then we would love to hear from you. To see our live roles please follow the link below.

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About the Author

Brendan Bracken

Recruitment Consultant

Cpl Technology

Brendan is an experienced Recruitment Consultant in the Infrastructure division of our Technology team. 

He specialises in the Permanent recruitment of Technical Support roles, Infrastructure Engineers, Network Engineers, IT Managers, Network Administrator, Systems Admin and Cyber Security Specialists.

Brendan prides himself on his ability to listen carefully to his clients' needs and create a collaborative relationship with them.

Prior to working in Technology, Brendan worked on the Legal Recruitment team in Cpl and has worked closely with Ireland's top Legal firms.

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