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Writing Your CV

Whether you are looking for a new job or the next rung on your career ladder, the first thing you need to do is get your CV in order. Here is a collection of our best tips on making your CV stand out and give you the best chance to get that interview.

Writing a CV: Tech CV advice

19th July 2017

How to format a good technical CV & essentials you need to include.

Job References: Do's and Don'ts

12th July 2017

When I asked experienced recruiters should you include references on a CV their answer was simple, no. There’s no need to list references on a CV, but it is incredibly important to have references ready to go in case you’re asked for them after an interview. 

6 surprising facts that will make you rethink your CV

10th July 2017

Your CV can make or break your chances at getting considered for your dream job. This is why you need to consider everything you include and don't include. Here are some surprising facts that we have collected from our own Cpl Employment Monitors and other reports across the web to make you rethink your CV.

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