Through the Future of Work Institute, Cpl investigates the latest work trends affecting organisations. We offer practical advice and solutions on how to futureproof your business by addressing the changes to the workplace, changes in technology and most importantly through your people.

In our whitepapers, you will learn about the future trends affecting organisations and how you can improve employee engagement in your workplace. Learn how culture is becoming more important in your workplace, how diversity should be top of your agenda and key strategies to ensure you do not just attract the best people but that they operate at their best.

The Future of Work Institute has been created by Peter Cosgrove, Director at Cpl plc. Peter has 20 years' business experience and is regularly called upon by the media to comment on future trends as well as all things related to talent. He presents internationally on trends in the workplace and the future of work. 

Engage with The Future of Work

The Future of Work Institute is committed to leading the thinking around the world of work and helping futureproof workplaces. Contact us to learn more about what the future will look like, from attracting and retaining talent, to diversity and productivity. 

Employment Insights

Get a greater sense of why organisations need to embrace diversity in the workplace and encourage innovative thinking if they are to stand out from the crowd.

Research Whitepapers

Research that could shape your future business strategy and spark new ideas, to show you how your business can thrive and race ahead of your competitors.
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