In association with Cpl, the Future of Work Institute is committed to leading the thinking around the world of work and helping futureproof workplaces. Contact us to learn more about any of the following:

The Future Workplace

Understand key global business trends and key strategies to ensure you futureproof your workplace.

The Future of Talent

How to ensure you hire and hold the best people and ensure they operate at their best every day.

Gender Diversity

Understand why diversity in your organisation can help improve your bottom line profitability, improve innovation, and help you hire better people for your organisation.

Employer Brand

Your organisation is no longer what you tell everyone – it is what others tell you. Understand how to measure your brand and ensure it can be a competitive advantage to winning customers and improving recruitment and retention.

Millennials in the Workforce

With millennials making up 50% of the workforce in under five years, understand how to attract the millennial and the Generation Z talent, how they want to operate in organisations and how to get the best out of them.

The Art of Networking

In an age where we are spending so much time one computers and phones, we are losing one of the key skills of face to face interactions. Learn practical tips to get your team networking, building, and maintaining strong relationships to build the business and their own careers.

Age and the Workplace

How the older worker is being discriminated against in your organisation and how they could actually be the perfect hire.

Improve Worker Productivity

In a world where people are less and less focused and more distracted, we are working longer hours but achieving less, learn how to improve the productivity of your workers through cultural and technological shifts.

Unconscious Bias

This is all about teaching self-awareness and an understanding of how experience shapes thought and personality. It will help employees see things from different perspectives and improve their ability to manage, recruit and retain staff. 

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