If you need a flexible staffing solution to complement your current workforce, Cpl can help you.

With more than 4,000 people at work each day, Cpl is one of Ireland's largest employers. We can provide you with flexible staffing solutions - both contract and interim.

We are first choice for a wide range of companies because of:

  • Our experience in delivering flexible solutions
  • Our consultants' specialist knowledge
  • Bespoke online support tools
  • Our breadth of available resources

Cpl is one of the largest providers of temporary staff in Europe - around 10,000 temporary staff work for our clients every day. We can give you the flexibility you need, ramping up and down to suit your needs. 

Cpl consultants will check your current and future business requirements and provide you with the flexibility to increase or decrease your headcount around fluctuating project timeframes - with an emphasis on the ability to ramp up and down to rigid timescales.

We have long experience in providing flexible recruitment solutions, including high-volume contingency recruitment and seasonal ramp-ups.

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Our Temporary Staffing Services

Flexible temps Professional Contracts

10 reasons to choose Cpl for your temporary staffing needs:

  1. Save money - no recruitment, administration or HR costs
  2. Save hassle - no contracts, insurance or payroll headaches
  3. Stability - your permanent headcount and fixed personnel costs remain stable
  4. Flexibility - you can change your headcount quickly according to your needs, e.g. special projects, peak or holiday period, staff leave or illness
  5. Recruitment alternative - you have a staffing option during a hiring freeze
  6. Try and hire - you can assess the suitability of a temporary employee before offering a permanent position
  7. Financial control - you can forecast your monthly costs with greater certainty 

  8. Multilingual talent - many of our temps are multilingual, sourced from 20 EU countries. We work closely with Cpl branches in 8 EU countries.

  9. Payroll reliability - our temps get paid on time every time. Cpl is a publically quoted company; we never miss a payroll deadline.

  10. Employee guarantee - Cpl complies with the legal and tax systems of every country in which we operate; we offer all our employees the same standard of conditions.