"In today's market, the resource that is in shortest supply is people. It doesn’t matter what markets you operate in or how big you are; what matters is the people on your team. Get the right people with the right attitude and you'll succeed."

Here are some of the main points outlined in Cpl's 2015 Salary guide:
  • There is intense competition for talented employees in certain sectors such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology and multilingual roles.
  • The increased presence of multinationals & FDI, combined with the improved financial stability of Irish markets is leading to salary growth across all sectors.
  • While companies are recruiting again, they are being somewhat cautious about rising salaries. Focus is therefore shifting from fixed to variable pay as cost management becomes a priority.
  • Some companies are reporting challenges in hiring. It is clear that their employment brand is of utmost importance, particularly with the growth of social and digital recruitment.
  • We expect salaries to rise cautiously over the next 12 months in line with the Irish marketplace’s continued growth which is good news for companies and employees alike.

Anne Heraty
Chief Executive Officer

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