Desktop support- Kildare

Role Description

IT Support Technician - 6 month contract in Kildare 

Technician will undertake the following in accordance with IT Services operating processes:

  1. Setup new desktop and laptop computers
  2. Transfer data and applications from old to new computers for the user
  3. Setup printers (desktop and network) and install drivers on staff computers
  4. Setup IT peripherals eg. scanner
  5. Setup MFDs and install drivers on staff computers
  6. Install software applications purchased by users
  7. Troubleshoot technical issues that prevent implementation of above
  8. Troubleshoot technical issues as assigned through call management system
  9. As required, attend training and workshops provided by IT Services
  10. Work closely with the IT Services User Support team to organize projects
  11. As required, attend weekly project meetings
  12. Observe and comply with Health and Safety regulations


  1. At least 3 years experience in computer end user support
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