Our 2017 Technology Salary Survey breaks down the latest data on salaries across the whole Technology industry in Ireland, from software developers through systems engineers to Head of IT. With so many opportunities avalable across the sector and such a wide variety of skillsets, we have seen a number of different trends over the last year.

Software Development & Mobile

The most in-demand technologies are typically Java, .Net and JavaScript. Candidates with full-stack capabilities are particularly sought after. Mobile developers are a hot commodity nowadays, the pool of these developers is around 25-30% the size of the pool of Java developers.Over 50% of candidates are coming from the EU, as companies struggle to find locally based candidates. 

PMO Consultancy

This is a real candidates market at the moment and the consulting firms are competing to secure the best talent available which has accelerated the need for these skills and
increased the speed of the recruitment lifecycle.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Whilst the demand for BI and Data Analytics professionals continues to grow, the short supply of experienced candidates continues to be a challenge in the market. Recently we have seen an influx of graduates showing a keen interest in the data analytics space and there are many recent graduates eager to gain a career in the industry.


We see an increasing demand for testers in the financial services sector, strong mix of contract and permanent. There is a shortage of testers and QA candidates on the market and this is driving up salaries which has led to an increase in demand for contractors. Like the dev space, we are seeing more and more candidates coming from Europe.


The IT Infrastructure market continues to be steady. We are seeing companies leaning more towards permanent staff hires due to the uplift in the Irish economy.

The survey compiles average salaries across a range of roles and sectors within SME and LSE organisations. It is designed to provide a guide on salary trends and help you to understand the value of your own role and to win the battle for the very best talent. 

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