Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We source, select and place top talent in your organisation, on-time and within budget. We use our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with our market leading recruitment, HR and payroll expertise, to manage your recruitment and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Cpl Master/Neutral Vendor

An onsite account manager extends your in-house HR team while also working directly with the Cpl recruitment team off-site. Depending on your specific requirements, as a master vendor we are the sole supplier to your company or as a neutral vendor we will also manage third parties on your behalf. This solution is an economic and efficient on-site solution that supports all of your company’s recruitment activities, while providing a host of added benefits at no extra cost.

Recruitment on Demand

Our ‘Recruiter on Demand’ service provides you with an immediate, efficient and economic recruitment solution to ad hoc spikes in hiring. An on-site recruiter will manage and coordinate the recruitment project on your behalf. This on-site recruiter works as an extension to your HR function and/or the hiring manager, while you also benefit from access to our industry leading recruitment team and system. It gives you all the resources of a recruitment department with none of the permanent overheads. It also adds value, as we will have an intimate knowledge of your recruitment needs and company culture.

Contract Management Services

This is a preferred option for medium to large organisations. Our model provides skilled sub-contractors to deliver internal projects, yet centralise the resourcing, administration, supply-chain management and billing function with us.
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