12th December 2016

Every December, the Sales Institute of Ireland hosts its Chairman’s Christmas Lunch. This year’s lunch saw Cpl CEO and Ibec President Anne Heraty attend as the guest of honour, at the invitation of current Chairman Conor Morris.

As part of the event, Chairman Conor Morris interviewed Anne on a variety of topics such as leadership, politics, and economics. The interview lasted almost an hour, covering everything from what it takes to be a successful manager, to inviting Donald Trump to dinner “to see if he’s for real”.
Throughout the interview, one of the key points Anne highlighted most was the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. She asserted that from entry level positions to senior management, the value of hiring the right people is immeasurable.
Another factor she believes is crucial to success is selecting the right leaders for your organisation. Strong leadership, Anne says, is imperative in ensuring that your team reaches their full potential. When asked to name a leader she admires, she chose German Chancellor Angela Merkel for, citing her resilience in the face of political and economic pressure as the primary reason.
Anne went on to thank her own management talent: “I am blessed to have a fantastic leadership team by my side, which makes my job considerably easier”.
The Chairman’s Lunch was held on 2nd December at the InterContinental hotel in Ballsbridge, with over 170 managing and sales directors from organisations of all sizes across Ireland in attendance.
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