19th April 2017

Over 80 senior Cork business and HR Leaders attended last week's Future of Talent event in The Clayton Hotel, Cork City. 70% of those attending believe that their organisations are not doing enough to attract, engage and develop talent. ‚ÄčThe discussion called for business leaders to rethink their talent strategy.

'Talent is at the heart of any company's success'. Peter Cosgrove, Group Director of Communications and Marketing at Cpl, stressed that a single person can completely revolutionise a business. With disruptive technologies and fast paced change erupting around us, people are going to play an ever more vital role in our organisation's future. 

A distinguished panel of Cork business leaders then discussed what actions businesses can take to initiate change. The panel included Caroline O’Driscoll, KPMG Partner and I Wish co-founder, Ronan Murphy, CEO of Smarttech, Deirdre Waldron, Partner at Fuzion Communications and Fergus O’Brien, of GlaxoSmithKline. The focus was on unconscious bias, diversity and employer branding as critical to strengthening and sustatining competitive advantage. 

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