17th February 2017

‘Diversity breeds innovation and many outside the industry today and will find the best solutions tomorrow’. Last night Peter Cosgrove, Group Marketing and Communications Director of Cpl, highlighted the need to rethink how we hire and who we hire.

A single person can make all the difference and with the ‘war for talent’ still raging we need to look to people from all cultures, backgrounds and experience for companies to gain that competitive edge.

At the launch of the latest research from the Future of Work Institute at the Science Gallery Peter discussed disruptive technologies, unconscious bias and why talent is more important than ever to your business.

While Peter talked about the lighter side of artificial intelligence (from bots venturing into the world of online dating to the next AI Mozart) he also urged companies to focus on attracting and keeping the best. ‘If you hire well, think how many other problems disappear.’

Presenteeism, sick days, employee disengagement are all critical HR challenges and can alleviate these issues through, for example, diversifying the hiring process, working on your employer brand and rethinking the hiring process itself. He also highlighted the importance of the art of storytelling. HR needs to think like marketing when it comes to the job spec. Dazzle and attract first, then get down to the nitty gritty later. 

In a world of dwindling talent we need to seize great talent when we have the chance. ‘Think of the times you met someone with great potential but just didn’t have a vacancy for them’. In a world where talent is scarce companies cannot afford to wait. Find a position for them and you’ll quickly see how that one person can transform your business.

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