12th January 2017

The Cpl Employment Market Monitor, Q4 2016, found employee frustrations with their jobs, traffic and gender inequity.

1 in 2 people see themselves in the wrong career, and two thirds of employees would take a small pay cut in return for flexible working.  Nearly half of all those surveyed think men are paid more than women, which is unsurprising considering the Eurostat documented paygap of 14.4% in Ireland.
“This quarter’s Cpl Employment Market Monitor highlights the dissatisfaction people often feel with their jobs, particularly in the new year,” said Peter Cosgrove, Director, Cpl Resources.
“Many people may have fallen into their jobs either by necessity or chance and now feel they’d like a change. However, it is difficult to risk the salary drop which comes with starting afresh” he added.
2/3 of those interviewed would take a pay cut in return for flexible working and more than half (52%) do not expect a pay rise this year.
Financial security is very important to employees.  Almost four in five chose health insurance or pensions ahead of perks such as stock options, free lunch or free parking (fewer than 10% opted for each).
Our research found that small incentives might banish the winter blues.  57% of employees felt a short-term, small, performance-related bonus might help and 35% felt a half-day on a Friday would make the month easier.
The Cpl Jobs Index – and the annual change in jobs listings – refers to the total number of employment opportunities in the following four sectors: IT & Telecoms; Science, Engineering & Supply Chain; Sales & Marketing; and Accountancy, HR, Legal, Finance & Banking. In Q4, 2016, there were 2,476 jobs posted in the four sectors mentioned. The Sentiment Survey was completed in full by 722 jobseekers in November and December 2016.
Cpl’s Jobs Index for Q4 2016 showed continued and steady increases in the number of jobs posted.  The Index reached 211 for the final quarter of 2016, well above the figure of 198 for the same period in 2015.

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