21st July 2017

Recently we surveyed over 2,000 jobseekers for the Q2 Cpl Employment Monitor with key findings including: employees are feeling more stressed after holidays, email is the most popular form of communication and job seekers aren’t optimistic about the effect of Brexit on Irish jobs. The Q2 Employment Monitor was covered on national media over radio, print and online, with director Peter Cosgrove offering his feedback and advice for employees and employers alike. Listen to a report on the Employment Monitor by Conor Brophy on RTE 1 as well as discussions with Peter on The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Today FM and Kerry FM below.

The Last Word with Matt Copper on Today FM

Peter discusses, from 12:15 – 15:55, the finding that a third of employees feel more stressed after their holidays, whether taking holidays effects your chances of promotion and how it is the responsibility of employee and employer to encourage restful holidays.

Listen here

Kerry FM

In the last quarter of the show, from 42.00 - 49.00, Peter talks about the number of new jobs posts falling after 22 quarters of consecutive growth, what areas remain in demand and how managers need to look after their employees.

Listen here

RTE 1 Morning Ireland Business News

Conor Brophy reports on the overall dip in new job listings and the strong growth of jobs in the finance and banking sector.

Listen here

Read more about the main findings of the Employment Monitor on RTE, The Irish Times, the Irish Independent, Business World and Breaking News or download the report for a full breakdown of employment trends and thoughts for this quarter.

Employment Monitor Q2 2017

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