02nd March 2017

Cpl Finance & Legal Managing Director, Lisa Holt, appeared on The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Today FM this week to discuss whether or not you should be allowed to bring your baby to work.

Green Party Counsellor Clare Byrne, who joined Lisa on the show, recently put forward a motion to be able to bring her baby to a local council meeting. She was told she wasn’t allowed for health and safety reasons, but her party have challenged this and sought some flexibility to support parents and breast feeding parents. They are now putting a proposal forward to the protocol committee to build a room to provide breast feeding facilities and to allow people to bring children to a meeting in an emergency situation.

Host, Matt Cooper, put forward the idea as something all employers should consider. Lisa responded by explaining that while she doesn’t believe someone can be as efficient in a meeting as needed while holding a baby, there need to be occasions where it can be facilitated.

“I certainly would prefer not to have a manager miss a meeting and I’d prefer him to bring in a child”. According to Lisa, the real solution is for employers to provide their working parents with more assistance such as breast feeding facilities or even crèches to give them greater flexibility.

“It’s about give and take.”

Listen to the full interview:
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