10th November 2017

Last week Cpl were at the LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Summit at London's Tobacco Dock to learn more about the future of work, machine learning, AI, automation and workforce planning. 

The event included a line-up of experts who discussed a variety of innovative topics, from how technology impacts how we think & feel to the rise of data creation and how HR is drastically evolving with the help of AI. Below are our highlights from the day.

Adelyn Zhou from Topbots

I particularly enjoyed hearing from Adelyn Zhou of TOPBOTS , one of the Top 30 people to follow on LinkedIn for AI. Adelyn is Co-founder of Topbots, a company which advises Fortune 1000 companies on AI strategy and execution. Adelyn talked about 'How to Thrive in an era of Machine Learning' and how the role of HR is going to change with AI.

Melissa Furze from LinkedIn

Melissa Furze from the LinkedIn team spoke along with Dan Shapero, John Jersin and Eric Owski on the topic of Talent Intelligence. Melissa’s talk revolved around the evolving world of data and how we can and need to navigate it. Overall the interest and demand for AI and automation is increasing across almost every industry.

Esther O’ Callaghan from OPERA Foundation

Not everything was about AI on the day. With 71 million young people unemployed building skills in our youth generation is going to be vital. Esther set up the OPERA foundation to help youths not just survive but to ‘thrive’ - the first global recruitment youth employment foundation to do exactly that.

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