12th October 2017

Today is our Cpl annual “Wear it Pink” in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Each year we wear pink, decorate our office and donate in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer affecting women in Ireland, after non melanoma skin cancer, and 8 women diagnosed each day, and over 2,900 women diagnosed each year.

The vast majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer are aged between 50-64 (41%), but younger women are also affected, with 23% of diagnosis occurring in women under 50.

The number of breast cancer survivors are increasing, with 85% of those with a breast cancer diagnosis now living 5 years and beyond and this is thanks to the research carried out by the Irish Cancer Society.
#BreastCancerAwarness #CplGivingBack

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Breast Cancer Awareness 
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