10th May 2018

Cpl Office Support have been firm supporters of the Executive PA Forum since its’ inception. Our official title is Sponsor but it has become so much more than that.

This year feels particularly special as we’re returning to the Radisson where it all started, and we genuinely cannot wait. The incomparable Lorna Conn (CFO of Cpl) will be speaking on the first day of the event. Lorna is an industry leader who will share her story and give concrete tips that you can apply to your own professional life.

The theme for our contribution this year is centred on Health and Wellbeing. We as a nation of workers are becoming more stressed, the line between professional and personal life has never been so blurred. It affects every industry at every level. Our Cpl Workshop will cover everything from fuelling your body and mind, demystifying meditation and how to actually “switch off”.

Our team will be there to give you Career support and advice on both days as well as just a catch up and have a coffee. We will have our newest whitepapers and possibly a gift or two.

In addition Cpl.ie will be dedicated to all things administrative from 14th to the 18th May inclusive - including a piece by our Director, Richard Minchin.

Looking forward to seeing you all on May 17th bright and early.

More information on the PA Forum
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