21st May 2018

This morning we were thrilled to receive a portrait of Nora Khaldi, founder of Nuritas, from Beta Bajgarts inspiring book ‘A Womens Work' and which features in the Little Museum of Dublin exhibition What's She Doing Here?

This is an exhibition Cpl is delighted to support, highlighting women working in stereotypical male careers. On the morning Sanja Trajkovic, ‎Head of Proteomics and Analytical Science at ‎Nuritas, spoke passionately about the wonderfully inspiring work in Nuritas and the importance of supporting and encouraging children and females in particular in their STEM Careers, and Kathryn McCance from The Little Museum shared some other stories from the wonderful women featured in the exhibition.

With a female CEO and CFO, we in Cpl know the benefits of having a more gender balanced senior leadership team, and also how hard it can be for women to rise to senior positions, so we'll always support and champion everyone ready to take on that challenge. 

The portrait of Nora will hang proudly in the Cpl hallway inspiring our own teams to challenge the status quo, and to strive to make the world a better place. 

The What’s She Doing Here? Exhibition has been extended until late June 2018.

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