21st June 2018

Cpl was honoured to host a breakfast briefing, Thursday 21st June to launch our support of the Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football team.

To mark the launch of this partnership, we invited three players from the team; Leah Caffrey, Noelle Healy and Lyndsey Davey to join us for a panel discussion to reflect on their incredible journeys, professionally and personally.

Opening the event, our CEO, Anne Heraty reflected on the attributes that led to the women’s ultimate feat at the 2017 All Ireland Final, “What led these women and their teammates to this incredible victory was their motivation, commitment, resilience and refusal to give up – qualities imperative to any workplace and ones I see in my team at Cpl.”

After 6 years with the Cork ladies as Senior Champions, the Dublin team finally took back the trophy with a dominant display against Mayo. Reflecting on the learnings from their defeat over the previous year, Noelle commented that the key is not to focus on the negative, but to take the lessons on board. Moreover, there is nothing like a loss to bring a group closer together and work better as a team.

Leah, who comes from a long line of GAA players, is currently studying for a Masters while balancing a hectic training schedule. While it’s challenging, she has found that she is better able to manage her time, using football as an escape for her studies and vice versa.

When asked about what their best advice was, Lyndsey, who is a firefighter at Dublin Airport, commented that it was simply to ‘be all in’, both in your career and passions outside of work. Noelle’s advice was to choose your attitude. As an athlete and anaesthetist, she has two demanding responsibilities so choosing to be positive is imperative to keep her motivated.

With a 70% female workforce, Cpl is passionate about empowering and recognising women. Through this partnership, we hope to support the Dublin Ladies Football Team in their careers both on and off the pitch and promote this incredible team.

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