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We know you have what it takes - the skills and knowledge, the attitude and experience. We're here to offer a helping hand to guide you in the right direction.

In this section, you'll find articles, videos and helpful advice on all stages of finding a new job, from writing a CV to preparing for a job interview, to making the next step in your career.

5 Technologies you will need to learn for the workplace of the future

05th May 2015

Whenever we talk about the workplace of the future it’s hard not to imagine flying cars and tubes that bring you straight to work from your front door. However, the real workplace of the future looks a lot like your workplace does right now. The difference will be in how efficiently and flexibly we work. In fact, most of the tools that will give us that futuristic flexibility are already here, we’re just not familiar enough with them yet.

4 tips for surviving your Quarter Life Career Crisis

30th April 2015

Are you filled with jealousy and resentment when your friend broadcasts their promotion on Facebook? Did you fake-smile your way through your birthday celebrations because you’re not where you thought you’d be by 26? If you’re in your twenties you might be having a quarter life crisis

What Programming Language Are You?

29th April 2015

What programming language best fits your personality and work style? Are you Python or PHP? Java or C++? Take our quiz to find out.

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