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Cpl career advice - getting rid of the confusion

We know you have what it takes - the skills and knowledge, the attitude and experience. We're here to offer a helping hand to guide you in the right direction.

In this section, you'll find articles, videos and helpful advice on all stages of finding a new job, from writing a CV to preparing for a job interview, to making the next step in your career.

How to Apply for a Job When You're Underqualified

06th July 2016

Job postings can sometimes seem to describe an impossibly qualified candidate, putting many people off applying at all. But if you think you can’t apply to a job because you’re underqualified, you’re wrong. You just need to know how.

Jack of All Trades: 5 Skills You Can Use in Any Role

05th July 2016

It is important to be aware of which skills will stay with you when you leave a job, and which will stay with the role. We know that any given job has certain skills that you absolutely must know, but won’t apply anywhere else. On the flipside, there are skills you can learn that can be applied to any role. The following are examples of the most transferable skills.

Horrible Bosses: How Bad Management Affects Different Workers

30th June 2016

As part of our research for the Q2 2016 Employment Monitor, we surveyed hundreds of jobseekers across Ireland. What we noticed with was that, while nobody likes a bad boss, some people are far more likely to put up with one than others. 

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