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18 Reasons you really want to come back to Ireland

24th July 2015

There was a net jobs increase in Ireland of about 33,000 last year with a predicted 40,000 more to be added in 2015. This nation of ours has become a global hub for pharma and tech companies with 9 of the top 10 multinational companies in the world located here. Ireland is beginning to roar again and most Irish emigrants returning home are confident of securing a job.

Cultural facts you need to know when working abroad

21st July 2015

When you’re the newbie in the office you go out of your way to avoid a faux pas. You don’t want to quickly establish yourself as the office space invader or the distracting teammate who keeps forwarding a Buzzfeed listicle that perfectly describes her life. You want to be liked and, above all, taken seriously.

How to fit in after returning home from overseas

16th July 2015

You’ve thought about it for months. Your friends and family have the balloons and banners at the ready. Your bags are finally stacked in the hallway ready for your big return. No matter how prepared you are there is often one aspect that many don’t consider. Will I ‘fit in’ in the place I once called home?

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