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Cpl career advice - getting rid of the confusion

We know you have what it takes - the skills and knowledge, the attitude and experience. We're here to offer a helping hand to guide you in the right direction.

In this section, you'll find articles, videos and helpful advice on all stages of finding a new job, from writing a CV to preparing for a job interview, to making the next step in your career.

6 surprising things that are ruining your interview

01st June 2017

Arriving on time and delivering a killer handshake are such obvious interview tips that they are almost redundant. But have you ever thought about how the less self-explanatory things can help you nail your interview?  

20% of employers won't hire you without a follow up email

30th May 2017

According to CareerBuilder, one in five hiring managers say they are less likely to hire someone who didn’t send a thank you follow up email after their interview. In other words, a follow up email is just as important as pre-interview preparation or turning up on time. 

What I learned from giving up Email

25th May 2017

Some of you might have read my blog on why I was giving up emails and relying on phone calls. When I wrote that blog I hated phone calls and thought they were disruptive and only benefitted the person making the call. I would have gladly left my phone on ‘do not disturb’ forever (if I could get away with it).  Now, my phone is open for business, I’m more productive and I only check my emails four times a day.

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